Preparing Your Bed & Breakfast For Spring Season

Taking care of a bed and breakfast, it can be really hard to maintain both the inside and the outside.  However! I have been planning to plant some flowers in my backyard for some time now. Finally, when I bought a lawnmower last week, I felt that the time had finally come to do so. The idea was to use the mower to clear up the bushy grass before proceeding to make a flower garden along the yard’s fence.

Now, this is more of a boring, personal post, but stay with me.  (By the way, if you own a bed & breakfast, feel free to reach out and say hi! 🙂 )

Maintaining the Outside of a B&B…

Thankfully, the mower made my work quite easy since it was very efficient. The Sun Joe MJ408E electric lawn mower is one of the newest brands in the market that are environmentally conscious. Since the mower is electric, it felt good mowing the lawn with a silent and fumeless machine. Some of the features I loved in the machine include the safety ignition button, the easy gathering of the cut grass with the collection bag at the back, and the almost 20-inch cutting width.  There are plenty good options you can read at Mow Like a Champ, which is all about electric lawn mower reviews.

Soon, I was done cutting the grass and it was time to pick the ideal place for the flower garden. My chosen spot was along the fence, but a few inches from the shade. Then I proceeded to clear the ground that had become filled with grass and debris over the months. It was time to give the lawn a new look.

Next, I dug up the ground and then spread a 3-inch layer of compost on the fresh earth. Mowing the lawn beforehand proved very beneficial because all the fallen leaves and cut grass would serve as mulch for my new plants.

I did not want to plant the garden a new every year and so I decided to go with the perennial types of flowers. Since I had been planning about the garden for some time now, the flowers I settled on were the Peruvian Lily, the lavender-blue Catmint, the Coreopsis, and another favorite, the Forget-me-not.

I decided to start off with a few shoots and expand the garden with time. This way, I would have the chance to test what works best for my farm. Putting the plants in the ground was quite easy since the soil was soft and moist from the long-term grass cover.

Next, I connected a pipe from my backyard tap and sprayed the new plants with water. Now, this would become a daily routine until the plants take hold and start to flourish. Next I picked the grass that I had cut and spread it beneath my young plants as mulch. Soon, the grass would decompose and create another layer of compost for my flowers.

b&b yard cleaned

Thanks to the Sun Joe MJ408E electric lawn mower and the beautiful new flowers, the lawn was now looking good and neat.

A word of advice to would be flower gardeners, always start small in making your backyard flower farm. It is better to grow at a slow pace rather than fail in a big way. Secondly, it is wise to know the type of flowers you want to have in your flower garden. Are they annuals or perennials? In what climate do they do well? These factors will help you avoid suffering losses caused by planting flowers that will end up failing.

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