The Importance Of Floors In A Bed And Breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts have regained their popularity over the past few years, with many travelers preferring them over conventional hotels and lodgings. It is possible that the blend of tasteful accommodations and cordial interactions with hosts fuels this appeal.

Bed and Breakfasts must therefore, as homely and as warm as possible, give their guests their money’s worth with a more personal experience (since it can cost more than a hotel).

These homes can also go through a bigger turnover of patrons, given that they attract shorter stays than traditional hotels, which may have visitors paying for longer periods of time.

This element of a Bed and Breakfast necessitates regular cleaning and maintenance in order to have the rooms in pristine condition before new occupants come in.


b&b room


Most Bed and Breakfast units are older homes which have been converted into lodgings for guests to stay in. The vintage value contributes significantly to their popularity, especially if there are rich, historical stories to tell. Many a traveler would love to have a taste of the past while staying at a place built in the 17th or 18th century.

While there have been improvements in the construction of houses in the recent past, no one would deny that older construction models were quite tasteful and the builders paid great attention to detail.

However, not all areas of these historical homes can be left as they were. They need repairs or to be upgraded altogether. One area of importance is the floors, which is true of any dwelling, not just Bed and Breakfast establishments. And one of the best floors to have installed is an epoxy floor, for different reasons.


shiny wood floors


Competing with old architecture is a little easier nowadays, considering that the materials used back then were not as affordable and readily available. Because of the beauty of epoxy floors, especially epoxy flake floors, this would be a cost effective way to achieve the same results.

If installed in the lobby area, for example, it would improve on the overall beauty of the home, where a lot of time is spent and many guests will walk through to sign in and get to their room. It provides an immediate, stunning display. Some Bed and Breakfasts have an epoxy garage installation in San Diego as well, for their guests to park in.

The durability of epoxy floors also makes them a good option, which ultimately cuts on maintenance costs for the main areas of the house. The material is not porous, which makes the process of cleaning them very easy. Epoxy floors can withstand the tests of wear and tear and corrosion, thus reducing the strain on repair costs.

They would be especially useful in the dining room, because when guests spill something, it can easily be cleaned up and will not leave a stain, like carpet would.


dining room


Epoxy floors can be slippery at times, but can be modified to ensure safety, which is extremely important for these businesses. Epoxy flake floors have flakes or chips in them, which provide an anti-slip texture and feel. These would be useful for compliance with safety rules in a particular area.

Epoxy floors are known to be quite strong and durable, but also slippery, unless you go with the epoxy flake floors. They have immense aesthetic value, and with the use of certain colors and designs, their appeal to the eye is undeniable.

Once the floors are installed, they will reflect more light, which will create not only a smaller electric bill, but more safety for guests. They are easy to clean and will last a long time, making any Bed and Breakfast even more beautiful!

How To Spend Your Week In Victoria BC

One of the things that a lot of women love about Victorica BC are the luxury accommodations that we are surrounded by.  There is so much to do here not only to do with nature, but also when it comes to taking care of yourself!

Observe Architecture

Did you know that the architecture of Victoria is entrenched in deeply, historic roots? What do we mean by this? Well, Victorian history is majorly influenced by the British, leading to Victorian architecture.  If you want to see a classic, awe-inducing example, head over to Craigdarroch Castle mansion:

Craigdarroch Castle mansion

A visit to the Craigdarroch Castle leaves most visitors stunned.  Add in a visit to the Emily Carr House and you will have plenty of pictures to boast to your family and friends.

Outdoor Activites

What is a city that doesn’t have fun outdoor activities?  There is no shortage here.  You can go whale watching, walk in the Butchart Gardens, or best yet, a Zipline adventure!

Visit Landmarks

government st

If you are tired with the handful of suggestions we have thrown at you, then head on over to some of the best day spas this city has to offer!  How about the Sapphire day spa?  What is not to love as you can get a relaxing massage and facial before you head out to the slew of landmarks we are about to bring to your attention.  Before we do though, realize that these day spas compare to some of the leading ones in the US, like day spa La Jolla.

Let’s get started with a list of absolute landmarks that you should visit: Wharf Street, Government Street, Empress Hotel National Historic Site of Canada, and Fan Tan Alley.


There are plenty of things to do in Victoria BC.  There is no shortage of anything here.  If you want to visit a lot of places, it is best to make an overall plan of visiting two major places a day at most (depending).

Happy Adventuring!

My Relaxing Vacation

I’m going out of town on vacation to a beautiful Bed & Breakfast I looked up online. I love the whole experience of these places, much more so than any hotel. The owners are extremely nice and actually cook you real food versus the hotels who serve you microwaved food. Also, these places have a more interesting history to them, like the Lizzie Borden B&B, which I plan to visit next.

lizzie borden b&b

I told my friend that she and her husband could stay at my place while I’m gone, but it’s mostly to watch my pets. They told me they’d like to have a get together with their friends outside, so I already rolled out my Black & Decker EM 1500 electric lawn mower and got right to work. It is a breeze to use and I’m so glad I don’t have to smell gas anymore. It’s slightly more work to use with the cord, but I just use the cord reel to reel it back in when I’m done.

back yard

It feels good that I have the yard looking nice for my friend to host her party. And I’m also thankful that my mower is so very easy to use and fast, so I can have more time to pack. She refused to take money, so I’m going to stock the refrigerator and tell them to help themselves to whatever they want. It’s the least I can do, to return the favor to her. I trust them completely with my house and I’ve met most of their friends, so I’m confident they will take care of things properly.

Just two more days and I’m off! I can’t wait to have a nice relaxing vacation from the tedious work I do almost 50 hours a week. I think people shouldn’t have to work more than 30 hours a week because life is too short for that. I’m looking forward to my retirement in a few years!

The Top Bed & Breakfasts in Victoria, BC, Canada

Are you thinking of visiting Canada in the near future? Or more specifically, Victoria, BC? Well if so, here are the finest Bed & Breakfasts in Victoria:

Abbeymoore Manor

abbeymoore manor

This is one of the best Bed & Breakfasts you’ll ever find in Victoria. It is located in the Rockland district and is a five minute drive to downtown.

Abbeymoore Manor is an outstanding period mansion built in 1912 and sits amongst the gardens, castles and tree lined streets of “Old Victoria.” It gives you an unmatchable and incredible experience by providing numerous enviable facilities.


* Romantic heritage bed and breakfast accommodation in a quiet residential setting.

* Rooms or self-contained suites at ground level and a penthouse suite with ocean and mountain views.

* You get large bedrooms offer- queen or king size beds, private bathrooms, antique furnishings, down comforters, off-street parking and a full-gourmet breakfast.

* The garden suites are self-contained, one bedroom units with private bathrooms, jetted tubs, showers, full kitchen and sitting room. You also get a double hide-a-bed, down comforters, oak/tile floor and area rugs. Additional amenities include a large screen TV, CD players, telephone, off-street parking and gourmet breakfast in the mornings for short-term guests.

The Humboldt House

humboldt house

If you’re looking for the most romantic and private B&B, The Humboldt House is the best option for you. It is located just two blocks from Victoria’s Inner Harbour, and one block from the beautiful gardens of Beacon Hill Park. A romantic stroll through the park takes you to the ocean and breath-taking mountain views.


* Large Jacuzzi baths, wood-burning fireplaces and an exquisite decor are located in each of the 6 beautifully-themed guest rooms.

* A full-gourmet breakfast is delivered through a two-way pantry into the privacy of your room.

* Multiple-theme based rooms options – Edward’s Room, Oriental Room, Gazebo Room, Mikado Room, Celebration Room and Floral Suite.

* Gourmet in-room breakfast each morning, sparkling juice and handmade chocolate truffles on arrival, homemade refreshments in the parlour each afternoon

* WiFi internet and parking

Across The Harbour Bed & Breakfast

across the harbour

This B&B is situated in a location that features a 40-minute leisure walk along a picturesque ocean boardwalk, a fun and informative 20 minute seasonal boat ride, and a 5 minute car ride to Victoria’s Inner harbor and downtown.


* Oceanfront on Victoria Harbour.

* Fireplaces, private baths with deep air-jetted tubs for two (42 jets), TV/DVD, High Speed internet.

* Wonderful breakfasts on the veranda overlooking the harbour.

Albion Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn

Albion Manor

Albion Manor or Victoria’s Victorian Jewel is surrounded by a lush English country garden that provides guests with an oasis in which to relax and unwind at the end of a working day or a busy day of sightseeing. It is located just 5 minutes from ferries, the ocean, downtown shopping and Victoria’s major attractions.


* Newly renovated, modern bathrooms, private entrances, balconies and patios all in a superb heritage building tastefully decorated with antique furnishings and paintings.

* Relax in the Peacock Parlour, on the large covered veranda or in the Obelisk Garden after your gourmet breakfast in our Victorian dining room.

* Different theme based rooms – Oscar Wilde, Seville, Renoir, Henry VIII, Michelangelo.

Spinnakers Brewpub & GuestHouse

spinnakers brewpub

Whether you are looking for a cozy, relaxing stay or a romantic getaway, this charming Guest House is a perfect spot! Located on Victoria’s Inner Harbour, Spinnakers is an ideal sight to see.


* Guest Suites offering refined accommodations suitable for parties of up to 4 persons.

* Rooms are fully equipped with double soaker jetted tubs, rain showers and fireplaces.

* Numerous themed rooms.

* Heritage House jacuzzi, Garden Suite kitchenette, Garden Suite kitchen and Heritage Steamer shower.

* All rooms include a complimentary beer and truffle tasting, free parking and wireless internet.

Dashwood Manor Seaside Bed and Breakfast

dashwood manor

This historic Bed & Breakfast is a 20-minute walk from downtown Victoria. Dashwood Manor likely has one of the best locations in Victoria and provides wonderful service.


* Gourmet breakfast items are available, including baked French toast and a variety of local teas.

* It offers in-room spa treatments and free Wi-Fi.

* Eleven spacious themed guest rooms, all with private bath, ocean views and comfy sitting area.

* The Buckingham Dining Room is furnished with large windows that provide views of the ocean.

Ashcroft House B&B

ashcroft b&b

This is a 1898 heritage landmark that’s situated in historic James Bay and just a half block off the enchanting ocean strolls along the majestic Dallas Road and the serene beach paths of Holland Point.


+ A sumptuous breakfasts, business travel, and room packages,

+ An incredible beds and quality linens,

+ Various themed rooms- Wedgwood Room, Sheldon Room, Cotswold Room, Canterbury Room and Orchid Suite.

+ A library, TV, Internet, wonderful toiletries and has a hairdryer for your convenience.

Amante Luxury Bed & Breakfast

amante b&b

The Amante Luxury B&B is located on the Northern tip of beautiful Saanich Peninsula. Pull into the driveway and you will feel like you are a million miles away from the hustle bustle. Enjoy your favourite beverage and watch the ferries go by!


* Summer months include a bottle of red or white wine.

* Romantic cozy sitting room, fully fitted with beautiful chaise lounges, loveseats, and blankets as well as plush pillows.

* Luxurious Upscale Suites – Ocean Suite and the Garden Suite, both are specifically designed to whisk you away with their romantic settings.

* Breathtaking views, private patios, three scale gourmet breakfast.

* Custom king-size bed with a glass door headboard.

* Egyptian linens, spa-like bathroom with 2 person shower and a deep soaker tub.

The Gatsby Mansion

gatsby mansion

The Gatsby Mansion is over 100 years old and is beautifully accented with landscaped gardens, lovely fountains and wandering pathways. It is located in the heart of Victoria and serves as a boutique style hotel for those looking for a touch of old time romance. The interior features beautiful woodwork, crystal chandeliers and stained glass windows.


* Each of the nine garden suites.

* All of the suites have their own distinct personality and charm.

* It offers catering to couples, wedding parties, families and corporate functions.

* All rooms feature old English décor and there are no two rooms that are alike.

* Victorian Style furnishings, books, newspapers, and a Keurig coffee machine are available for your enjoyment.

* A complimentary hot buffet breakfast is served every morning in the Hunter`s Club restaurant from 7-10am.

Top 10 FREE Things to Do & Enjoy in Victoria BC!

Thinking of exploring Victoria BC but not sure where to start?  In this video, Nick talks about the top free things to do in Victoria BC.

Let’s highlight the free part 😉  You’re welcome!

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